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RingShot Says…. Outdoor marriage proposals are a big “YES”!

RingShot Says…. Outdoor marriage proposals are a big “YES”!

According to research, 81% of women asked said that they would prefer an outdoor marriage proposal venue. As mentioned in “Yahoo Voices”, consider the following when planning an outdoor marriage proposal.

1. Success depends on timing! In this day of busy schedules, you need to make sure that you leave LOTS of time before, during and after popping the big question. How ever much time you think you need, double it.

2. Success depends on weather! More difficult that it sounds. Have a back up plan to include another venue or an alternate date.

3. Success depends on organization! Keep it a surprise and try not to tell anyone, “loose lips sink ships”.

4. Success depends on privacy! Select an experienced photographer who knows how to stay “stealth” in the moments leading up to the big question. You can even decide to have the photographer arrive right after the proposal to capture the first engagement moments.

5. Success depends on preparation! An experienced photographer will consult with you and help prepare for the big day by listening to your ideas and learning about your fiance’s interests, which will help in selecting a perfect time and venue that has romantic meaning for the couple. Visiting the venue in advance is also a good idea.

6. Success depends on spreading the word afterwards! Don’t forget to include a special way to tell family and friends… (as long as she says yes, of course). Consider scheduling a dinner or drinks with both families shortly after popping the big question…. And bring your photographer along to capture those moments as well.

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